About us

On November 23, 2013 the doors were opened, always thinking about quality with good service, selecting the best ingredients, the freshest to create our dishes, thinking about our suppliers, local to enrich our economy. Trattoria is distinguished by creations for the palate of our guests, we create moments, celebrations and happiness.

So with effort and teamwork, 8 years have passed and we do not stop innovating in our kitchen, we remodel the place always thinking of our guests, we never change the quality of our products and service, that leads us to continue to be the best place to Sahagun.

A clever combination of Talents. This family business is directed by the Architect Ara López Esparza who participated in its design together with the Architect Francisco Jesús López Esparza who was in charge of the formal design and execution of the project.

A bridge was built to improve access to the site, all as part of the study of the environment, functionality and well-being of our clients and the business.
In charge of the Culinary Art is Chef Alan Martínez, a Young Genius who lives in the City of Pachuca, he was in charge of the menu design and will be offering his knowledge and passion using the food and wine of Trattoria Roberto as a medium.